Mieliepop Festival

Gerald will hit the stage on Friday night.

Gerald Clark / Mieliepop Festival 2016

Make sure to take an extra day off and book your tickets for Mieliepop. Visit their Facebook page for more info. Al I can say is this fest looks like it's one for the calendar.

Let's make love.

Catch Gerald Clark at the Nirox Valentine's Blues Festival on Valentine's day.

Nirox Valentine's Blues Festival / What to do on Valentine's / Valentine's Day

Chuck the red roses, the cheesy love poems, and chocolates. If you are a blues lover you should rather get your tickets to the Nirox Blues Festival today. The line-up is fantastic. Check it out here.

A weekend among inflatables.

Gerald Clark set at Up the Creek brought the crowd to a new decibel.

Gerald Clark / Up the Creek / 2016

It started with a stage-dive and before you new it Gerald was covered in smoke and orange lighting with girls climbing over to the stage to shake their bones with the man himself.


Up the Creek was hot as ever, but as usual it is a perfect festival with friendly people floating on the river. Gerald was set to play on the Thursday evening and I couldn't wait. My watch said ten and the Afroman was ready with a few fresh backing faces – looking mean and ready to rock. I say rock, becuase even though Gerald is known for his rustic take on the blues, this show was more than that. His performance at Up the Creek blew us away, it was loud, it was groovy, and everyone felt the unmistakeble talent in front of them. 


His set at the fest was one of the first introductions of his newest album for this year and he will be promoting it acrcoss SA this year. Highly praised and recommended, you should try and catch Gerald Clark live. 

Kickin' off the New Year

Gerald Clark / Guy Collins / Barry van Zyl / Crab Shack / New Years

Gerald counted off the last ten seconds off 2015 alongside Guy Collins and Barry van Zyl at the Crab Shack in Cape Town. 


Soon he'll be hitting the road to promote his new album, AfroBoer & the GoldenGoose. There's exciting stuff to come. Like him on Facebook and travel with. 


If you haven't heard, his album is available on iTunes.